Santiago Ontañón Villar

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Drexel University
Phone: (+1) 215-571-4109
so367 drexel edu

(I'm currently on sabbatical at Google in California)

My research interests focus on developing artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that can either solve, or be taught to solve complex problems such as playing computer games, or understanding and generating stories.


Publications (or check them out in my Google Scholar ProfileDBLP entryACM Author Profile, or

Teaching (links to the websites of all the courses I've taught). 

Software (code for a bunch of the systems I work on: microRTS, FTLRiu, Darmok, and more. also code and data required to reproduce results published in some of my papers)

Personal (Computer Games, LEGO, Science Fiction, and more)

I am organizing an AI competition around the microRTS game: microRTS AI competition

Current PhD Students:
Former PhD Students: