Secure AntHocNet 




S-AntHocNet (v0.1) for XP/NT : here!

S-AntHocNet screenshots : here! 

MSc Thesis :  thesis[pdf]

WinRAR from :here!


NEW!! (PhD stuff) 

Publication for PGNET2008: pgnet2008

Welcome to the homepage of the Secure AntHocNet Overlay that was developed as an MSc project at Lancaster University UK by Angelos Marnerides. 

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S-AntHocNet and its purpose in design and use 

The S-AntHocNet Overlay is defined by a componentized architecture employing the GridKit ( & OpenCOM ( styles of design and implementation. The S-AntHocNet Overlay deals and promotes a hybrid routing scheme for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs). In parallel the Overlay is concentrated on detecting a single blackhole node in a distributed environment.



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