Secret Of Being Happy

Real happiness lies in making other happy - Meher Baba 

We love to be happy always because we live in present. We think about future but not worry  about it and never regret for the past.   Lot of books and persons helped us to be like this.

Keep Smiling

Smile is the best gift given by god to every one. You can smile irrespective of any situations whether you are rich or poor. A child smiles 400 times every day, can you believe? but once he start growing, he will be smiling 10-17 times as a teenage boy and it will vanish away slowly with his age.

This should not happen. Responsibilities do increase with age but still you can be happy, if you remind your childhood once or keep watching nature: sky, sea, birds, children smiling. Any one day, spend half an hour for this and you realise what you are missing.

Live your Life - Accept Problems

Life is filled with problems and happiness always. Everyone have these two but why only some of them can be happy and others not. Just imagine how the life would be, if there are no problems or no challenges. It would be dull and not interesting. Do you really need such a life? So, accept the problems and difficulties and always remember that problems are part of your life, live with them and resolve them. 

Take a break from routine life

I agree you are busy with your work, your responsibilities and so on. Howevery busy you are, once in a year, try to take vacation.  Visit a beautiful place and spend time with family.  If it  is expensive, visit your village  and meet your childhood friends or spend sometime in an orphanage. Believe me, you will be happy definitely and re-energise yourself.

Goals and Targets

Life  without  any aim or  target is  not  interesting.  Keep  a  target  at your own level, it not need be very big, it need not be work related and it can be anything which you feel very important in your life. Always set a target, timeframe and how to achieve it. Once you reach your target, your happiness and confidence reach to new heights.

Silence and it's importance

Silence is very powerful. We think very deeply and meaningfully when we are in a silent place rather than in a noisy place. Use your creativity and imagination power, surprisingly you will get solutions to your problems in these circumstances. Believe me, it worked for me.

Accept Changes Humbly

Please accept the changes either at home, or at office or in your children behaviour or in your friends. World is so dynamic and it is changing very rapidly.  Change is must to grow further. Hence, please try to adapt to the changes.  Analyse why there is a change and take a decision accordingly.

Keep In Touch with Friends

Yes, it is busy life and you have 24 hours work a day but try to keep in touch with your friends. Friends are very valuable and stand by us all the time. If your friend has done a mistake, you have all the rights to correct him and true vice versa. If you have love for your friend and you will have the authority too.  Always keep in touch with your friends.

I suggest you to read following  books to learn more : 
1. An Auotbiography of a yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda
2. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma
3. Art of Living by Ravi Shankar

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