Our Parents

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Our parents are our strength. They taught us how to live happily.

* They are our friends.

* Our friends are also their friends.

* Last but not least, they are also best friends to each other after our marriage :-)

Laxmi Narayana with Varalaxmi - Santhu Parents

Being in a village, they have struggled a lot to brought up us; me and my brother. My father is the ideal person for me always in this world.

More about family & family friends

Laxman with Rajamani - Lavvi Parents


They are not just parents but also our friends. They know our needs better than us and fulfilled them in time.We love our parents very much.



Our Brothers - Lava & Santhu

Lava is Santhu brother, working for T-Systems (part of Cognizant now), currently in Germany for an onsite assignment. He is very frank and mingles with everyone easily. Takes care of every one well. He has lots of friends. 

Santhu is Lavvi brother, pursuing final year Hotel Management, Hyderabad. He is very jovial, always cracks jokes and keeps every one smiling. Used to fight a lot with Lavvi.

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