How to call India
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Some tips to save  money on your phone calls 2 India

1. Buy a contract mobile

There are many different companies offering good deals like O2, T-mobile, Orange  etc.. Depending up on the plan, network provider offer free minutes for a month. By using 0844 series numbers we can call India numbers and we can enjoy by talking  with our loved ones :-)

There are some companies which  even offer cash back,.i.e means you need not spend a single penny.

2.  Use cheap dial numbers from landline.

To call India, use 08444399898 number at any time in a week. First dial this number, a tone will inform us how much they charge per  minute, then dial country code and dial any India contact number .

3.  Buy a calling card

  • U can use Reliance cards also for better quality.

        60 mins for 5£ and 120 mins for 10£

  • Stana card: This is a good calling card to India.

    3.84 pence for a minute.

    Register for free at

    Enter the referral code as 141613

    Without the referral code you will get only half of the minutes.

    The quality is great,  Not required to dial access numbers or pin numbers with "smartdial" option. It also has an option to recharge the card. Enjoy calling india at a great price.

4.  To buy any mobile, visit these sites. These websites provides   a good deals compares to other sites.