Family Friends

Real happiness lies in making others happy - Meher Baba 

Vaikuntam with Kalavathi - Santhu  Grand Parents

They are my mother parents. In my childhood, for all holidays ( dasarah, pongal and summer vacation) I used to  go to Pembatla. This is the my birth place  They love me so much and me too. Grandpa is an expert in astrology. He also decides muhurthas for many weddings, naming ceremonies and house warming ceremonies. I learned indian history from them. They are devotees of Lord Shiva.

Sayanna with Vijaya

They are dad's elder brother and his wife. He worked so hard along with grandma to bring up dad and babai. Pedhamma  loves us so much. Muni, Mahesh and Rani are the children in family. Rani is the only sister for all six brothers. Muni got married to Rajitha and they have a cute kid - Chikki(Manasa). Mahesh is in final year MCA in hyderabad. Rani got married to Ananth.

Dasharatam with Sunitha

They are dad's younger brother and his wife. Being youngest in family, babai worked so hard. Sunitha pinni is expert in cooking. They have got two kids: Sai just completed SSC and going to joined Junior colelge and Sampath is in 8th class. They had struggled a lot to get settled after their marriage.

Friends Parents 

My friends parents are very friendly with me. They used to treat me equally as my friend. I am also a member of all these families.

 Ramchander with Vijaya - Ramu Parents

Uncle worked so hard to bring up his children. He had given wonderful education to Ramu, Manjakka and Ravanna. Aunt also contributed her part. Every time I go to my village, I used to visit Ramu parents. Every day we used to play cricket till 10th class at their home backyard.

ChandraKanth with ShobaRani - Anand Parents.

Uncle is a lawyer and he is very cool. Amma is very clever and she manages home well. Anand & me used to discuss all the things with amma. Both are members of Swadhyaya. Shyamanna is the eldest in family. He used to advise us timely. Currently in US with vadina and chotu. Sidhu is the youngest in family and doing BTech in Hyderabad.

Ashok  Sir & His Family

Ashok sir is my all time favourite lecturer, friend and guide. Sir and Lalitha madam have given me two sweet sisters: Nikki and Vinu. They are very clever, smart and beautiful. I feel very happy whenever I speak to two cute sisters. I miss all of them so much. 

Nagabhushanam & Laxmi - Sunita Parents

Sunita was my PG classmate. I never expected that I would get parents  like these in Hyderabad. They had taken care of me well. They treated me as their younger son. Amma is a wonderful cook, she manages house well. I came to know Meher baba from this family. 

Asha parents

Asha is Sunita's friend. We have done project to which Asha never came to work!!. I used to browse Internet at Asha home. I used to eat at their home so many times. Me & Asha daughter (Sadhu) used to play badminton in evenings. Amma is a very good cook. She has lot of patience. 

Bosu & Bharathi - Durga Parents

Amma is very very cool, a wonderful cook. She has a great patience. Uncle is completely dedicated to duty. Durga has imbibed this from uncle only. Vamshi is the elder and only son of family, currently with vaidna doing MD (Doctor) in US. Amma is a great devotee of Durga mata. She always perform puja. Uncle is an expert of money management. He is very frank and friendly.

Yadiah with Sathyamma - Cnu Parents

These two are Srinivas Boya parents. I had gone to their home in Hyderabad. Uncle worked and retired from ECIL. He worked so hard to bring up their children. Pedakka(Srilaxmi) married Srinivas and settled in hyderabad with two kids. Younger and lovely person in family is Srividya married Praveen and settled in Hyderabad. She has got two cute kids.

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