Earn Money From Internet

Use the Technology and brain for yourself and society in right manner

There are lot of ways to earn money from Internet: playing online games, solving business case studies & publishing advertisements on your blog/website.

Publishing advertisements is the easiest way to earn money.

Follow below steps:

1. a) Create a website. You can host pages at free of cost either at google - www.googlepages.com or www.geocities.com.

b) Create a blog. You can create a blog freely at www.blogger.com or www.wordpress.com.

2. There are numerous companies which offer advertisements to publish on your website/blog. For e.g. Ads for Indians, Google adsense, site ads, text ad links, etc.

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3. Select appropriate ads like text ads, images(horizontal, vertical and square) that suits to your web site pages.

4. Please follow the Terms and Conditions of advertise provider and never break the rules.

5. Have patience and submit your site to search engines( Google, Ask, yahoo and AltaVista etc) so that your site page ranking will be improved and site traffic will be increased.

6. Keep updating website/blog regularly so that visitors will be interested to visit the site.