Cute Kids Photos

Real happiness lies in making others happy- Meherbaba 

Chikki - Latest generation elder child in our family.  She is  my brother's daughter



 Laddu - Cutest and strong child. He is my friend Rajesh's son.



 Vaishu - a lovely smile. He  is my friend Anu's son.





 Shini - Innocent face. She is my friend Damu's sister daughter





Potti - So cute. He is our friend Ramu's sister's son. 


 Chikka - So courageous. She is my friend Kiran's brother's daughter.





 Geetika - So talented. She is our friend Sudhir's sister's daughter.




 Chotu - Multi lingustic. He can speak telugu, marathi and english so well. He is my friend Anand's brother's son.





Sunny - So bright and clever. He is my younger brother.


 Anju - So lovely. She is my friend Jayanthi's daughter.





Nishi - So active and talkative. She is my friend Jana & Anitha's daughter.  




 Srimayi- So chubby chubby
She is my friend chitti's sister's daughter.




Vikhyathi and Vikshitha. Two cute kids from USA-My  brother Karthik's  sister's daughters.          


 Sidharth- Very smart. He is santhu friend SP's sister's son in USA.                                                 



Raanesh - He is santhu's friend Durga's son. He is just 1 year 5 months old. 






Agasya Basava - He is santhu friend Keshava' son. Just three months old. He is in Hyderabad.



Aryan - He is my colleague Sahujee's son. Very cute boy.
Just completed one year. He is in Kolkata.



Prateek Suram - He is the child of Malyadri Suram. Malyadri anna studied his MCA in Nishita college where I did my BCA. Pratekk is in USA now.




 Rohan - So cute and looks very innocent. He is son of Deepak and Sunitha. Deepak and Sunitha were my colleagues at Cognizant, Chennai. They r in US now.


 Adhya -  Very cute, she is Divya's daughter. Divya is our friend through TMAD group. She is now 3 years old.

Advaika - She is just 6 months old.. Deepa's daughter. Deepa is my colleauge at Cognizant. how innocent she looks? but not as she seems to be :-)

Adi - He is son of Lavanya's BCA friend - Shalini. He is so cute and looks like future Vikram(Aparichitudu) :-)


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