Christmas Special - Wish you a happy Christmas

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 Christmas in India

It is an interesting fact to note that the celebration of Christmas in India is held in a different manner in the various parts of the country. The way Christmas is celebrated in the North East is completely different from the way Christmas is celebrated in the South West.

Let us take a look at what are the various way of celebrating Christmas in India. Generally the Christians who live in the plains decorate mango or banana trees at Christmas time. Some of them also decorate their houses with mango leaves. However in some of the other parts of India, a lot of people use small clay oil-burning lamps as Christmas decorations. These small clay lamps are placed on the edges of flat roofs and on the tops of walls.

During Christmas in India, most of the Churches are found decorated with poinsettias and lit with candles for the Christmas Eve service. One of the most famous locations for celebration of Christmas in India is Goa.

In a luxury hotel you can expect that expensive Christmas trees will be decorated with stars and tinsels, toys, plastic fruits. In fact, the best time to explore any place in India during the festivals is the evenings. This is because all bulbs illuminates the dawn making it look more beautiful.

 Interestingly, Hindus and Muslim population majorly occupy India, and yet, Christmas is celebrated with a large amount of fanfare in this secular country. Christmas in India is declared as a national holiday and people irrespective of their religion enjoy it along with the Christians.


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