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Tips and Tricks to get the job for a fresher

Any company, which offer openings for fresher never expects them to be techno-savy. The basic skills as a fresher you need are as follows:

1.      Good aptitude skills

2.      Better communication skills

3.      Project and Subject knowledge from your academics

4.      Best attitude

5.      Basic Technical skills

Aptitude Skills

These refer to ability to solve mathematical problems, verbal and non-verbal problems. Practice problems from two aptitude books Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning written by R.S.Agarwal.

Actually all these problems you might have solved already in 6th-10th classes in your primary school but we forget them after moving to higher classes.

For logical problems, you can refer to either ‘Puzzles to Puzzle you’ by Shakuntala Devi or George Summer’s book or any puzzles book. Though these will give an idea, these problems are basically to test your common sense and ability to think logically.

Communication Skills

These refer to English written and spoken skills especially how best you can express yourself. Always remember that you should know English language basic grammar. You can simply refer ‘Wren and Martin High School English Grammar’ book which is easy and best book as per my knowledge.

It may sound silly but most of the English medium students also don’t know proper English grammar and makes so many mistakes while writing and speaking.

Project and Subject Knowledge

Most of the students usually buy dummy projects from one of the institutes and submit them in final year. They face problems while facing the interview. Instead, you can do any project on your own with available resources and submit the original one. This will boost your confidence and you will be able to answer all the questions asked by interviewer. Never forget that nobody comes and check your code but they can find out that whether you have done project or not from your answers.

Subject knowledge is nothing but questions from your academics. These may refer to your specialization, for e.g. electronics, electrical or mechanical subjects.

Best Attitude

All the above skills you learn from external resources or with help of someone but attitude is related to you. It refers to your personal characteristic. You should be honesty and capable to adapt to new circumstances and willing to learn new concepts very soon. You need not work hard but you should work smart J

Basic Technical Skills

You can learn any one programming language: C, C++ or Java and should have better knowledge of one of them. Once you join any company, they will train you before they assign the work.

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