Unpainted Bisque

All bisque is fired to cone 04. If you see something on this page you would like to have painted for you, please let me know! I'll be happy to paint for you! Please note prices listed are for unpainted bisque.

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Miscellaneous Holiday Decor


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Granny Angel Set (4-5" tall) $6.00


                    5" Pumpkin with cut outs (for light) $4.00


10" Tree with Snowman & birdhouse $10.00


Santa basket $6.00

This Santa is opened so you can tuck gifts inside!


10" Tumbleweed Snowman $10.00

 Gingerbread Santa $15.00

Snowbirds birdhouse $10.00

Arizona Santa $15.00

Golfing Santa $10.00

Ohio Santa $15.00

Button Santa $15.00

Woodland Santa $15.00

Ladybug Santa $15.00

Angel w/children $15.00

Doctor Santa $10.00

Celestial Santa $15.00

Snowman roaster $10.00

Snowman w/vest $7.00

Soccer Ball bank $10.00

ORDERING INFORMATION: Please email order to santasnmore@cox.net. Please note, prices do not include packaging and shipping.


Check back soon for more unpainted bisque! Look for the a Toy Soldier, Christmas Trees, soccer ball bank and others!