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How to explain "giftedness" to your child
Gifted Challenges
Whether identified as gifted, referred for an evaluation or placed in a "gifted and talented program," children quickly form their own impressions. They may wonder if this makes them different or smarter or weirder or better than the other kids. They may worry that they will become less popular or will be teased or bullied. They might even want to stop being gifted altogether. READ MORE

Nurturing Gifted Children
Sometimes it's extra hard to raise a gifted child. Celi Trepanier, the author of "Educating Your Gifted Child," created a checklist of things to know for people parenting or teaching gifted children. Here are the top five issues that people should be aware of. READ MORE

What should my gifted child be doing over the summer?
By Susan Winebrenner
Summer is beginning, and you haven't made any activity plans for your gifted child. By the end of this month, you may be regretting that decision. Here are some suggestions for your consideration. The first consideration should be to find paths to connect your child with other kids who share their interests. Most gifted kids care more about quality of friendships than quantity of options. READ MORE

Three Tips for Engaging Gifted Learners During the Summer
Free Spirit Publishing Blog
Summer can be a great time for gifted kids. It can give them the opportunity to explore learning they don't get to explore during the school year. Here are three ideas for how to help gifted students use summertime to engage in the fun of learning. READ MORE