Folk Dance Resources & Registries


Bourque-Moreau Associés (BMA) 
Yves Moreau's workshops and teaching DVDs are the the mainstay of many folk dance groups. This website posts workshops, educational programs, books, recordings and videos

Lee Otterholt

Lee, whose teaching emphasizes style: dancing well, not just “getting the steps,”  also brings improvisation, self-expression and spontaneity back into the folk-dancing traditions. He teaches in the US and Europe and leads folk dance tours all over the world. His repertoire includes Balkan, Greek, Turkish, and Norwegian dances.

Teaching videos with demonstrations (search 
"selftraining" on the website or go to "Shop" on sidebar & click till you see the videos), and information about Bulgarian music, videos (click the sidebar link), announcements, customs, costumes, etc.

Elissaveta Iordanova

Beautiful examples of specific dance figures and styling, as well as cultural information posted at Bulgarian Folk Dancing eHow, Expert Village, YouTube

And more resources at SWIFDI website (NM August folk dance camp)

Folk dance registries, notes, videos, music

Bourque-Moreau Associés (BMA)  - see above

Self-teaching videos and information about Bulgarian music, videos, announcements, customs, costumes, etc:

Dick Oakes: places to dance & other information (US & abroad)

Northwest Folklife

Folk Dance Federation of California
Registry of folk dance groups

Dunav database
folkdance music, videos, notes, other information

Dancilla database
videos, music, notes, networking

Barboursville International Recreational Dance Project
A blog - documentation of the dances that are done by various groups of teaching and execution of the dances (e.g. excellent video clip of teaching Vlasko), and stories from folkdancers about folkdancing.

Caveat: check authenticity of videos posted by amateur groups
Suggestions are welcome.