I can’t say enough good things about the great staff at the Santa Fe Equestrian Center. Terry Berg was good from initial contact, through discussion of the endurance ride needs, contract writing, and most important seeing that everything happened. From Wednesday afternoon through ride day Patrick Marsh was seeing to our every need. He cleaned and prepared the arena, set out trash barrels, helped with setup of the parking area, and detailed where all the manure should be placed for cleanup. Pedro Antillon and Ryan West also came by every day to see if we needed anything.

Everyone was very helpful, courteous, and really dedicated to the Santa Fe Equestrian Center. They obviously wanted our stay to be a great experience and it was.


Roger Taylor

Southwest Direector

American Endurance Ride Conference


Volunteers Showing Some Love


I board my horse "Shiloh Moon" at the SFEC, and attended the Horse Fair last weekend. I was asked by my trainer to do a groundwork demo with Shiloh and couldn't believe the crowd that showed up.  Overall, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed last weekend. I loved the agricultural aspect of this event. Having lived in Vermont and Northern California where there were often these kind of events involving horses and other animals... I really felt like that was lacking in Santa Fe. I believe that there is a huge need of having a place where families can come and pet and learn about animals... I hope that this kind of thing can continue.

Thank you for supporting this possibility of continuing these great events.

 ~Danielle Atkinson