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Feeder Frenzy: Our Meeting With Santa Fe Pick-Up

posted Apr 19, 2012, 11:10 PM by Santa Fe Bus 2012   [ updated Apr 19, 2012, 11:11 PM ]
This Monday we met with Sevastion Gurule and Albert Martinez of Santa Fe Pick-Up to learn a bit more about their super effective and efficient transportation system. We learned  a great deal about their operations. Santa-Fe pick-Up is a free service that started in 2007 due to construction of convention center when people were unable to park to get to the Main post office downtown and thus had to be shuttled into the city. Soon other companies began to want to take advantage of the shuttle to bring people into the city for work. Over the years the shuttle system has adapted to move outside of its scheduled lines to allow for regulars to be picked up and brought directly to work from legally accessible places such as a bus stop or an established Santa Fe Pick-Up stop. The System has been shown to be very adaptable able to adjust and pick up people in direct “Deadhead Routes” when they can. The system employs 4- part time workers and 2- full time workers and to run the system $250,000 a year with costs of benefits for employees and fuel included. With this in mind and the fact that Santa Fe Trails considered using Pick-Up to replace Route M in the past but found it was currently impossible this system could be considered as a good choice for a feeder service to the Santa Fe Trails bus system. They are sending us some information that should help us look more closely into this service and help us greatly in the future.