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    There are hundreds of miles of trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains, going through many different kinds of environments. Anywhere you go will most likely be beautiful, however some places stand out above and beyond the rest. Having a guide will ensure that you see only the most scenic places, as well as learn about the flora, fauna and history of the area. Let us show you a few of our favorite places... 

    See if you can spot the hiker in this photo!

    Transportation not included, but can be arranged for groups of all sizes. Hiking times are approximate and include some time to relax and enjoy your surroundings :)
    All Hikes $25 per hour + $20 per person.
    Example - A 2 hour, 5 person hike would be: (2x25) + (5x20) = $150
    Easy Hikes
    Henry Cowell Loop + River Walk 2 miles, ±50 feet, 2 hours
    Walk an easy flat loop among giant redwoods, enjoy the San Lorenzo River, and explore Roaring Camp Railroads.
    Wilder Ranch Coast Loop 2.5 miles, ±15 feet, 2 hours
    Walk an easy flat loop along coastal cliffs, explore an interesting beach, and see an old historic ranch.
    Wilder Ranch Hills 2.5 miles, ±200 feet, 2 hours
    Walk down then back up an easy path through grassy meadows and enjoy a picnic table with panoramic ocean views.
    Russian Ridge 2-3.5 miles, ± 325-700 feet, 2-3 hours
    Experience unspoiled 360° views of the coast, mountains, and entire bay area.
    Fall Creek 3.3 miles, ±400 feet, 3 hours
    Beat the summer heat and stroll up a cool, lush, redwood-filled canyon along a beautiful creek with a stop at a historic site.
    Good Hikes
    Maple Falls 6 miles, ±800 feet, 4 hours
    Hike up beautiful Bridge Creek to Maple Falls in Nisene Marks State Park. If it's still early enough in the season, other falls can be seen as well.
    Sorry, no small children. 
    Big Basin Giant Redoods and Ocean View Summit Loop 5 miles, ±700 feet, 4 hours
    Come see the 329 foot tall Mother of the Forest tree and spend time among many other truly amazing giant California Redwoods. We'll then hike up to a beautiful ocean view summit, and back down along a cool creek.
    Whitehouse Canyon Road 5+ miles, ± 1000 feet, 4 hours
    Come explore mountain top that used to be ocean floor and enjoy spectacular views in this truly unique location.
    Castle Rock Loop 5.5 mi, ±600 feet, 4 hours
    Hike the roof of the Santa Cruz Mountains. See a waterfall, walk along a scenic ridge and explore cool rock formations.
    Adventurous Hikes
    Chalks Peak 4-5.5 miles, ± 1200 feet, 4.5 hrs
    Short, but sweet! Climb 1200 feet in 2 miles to one of the most georgeous ocean views you have ever seen!
    Big Basin Waterfalls Backside Route 8 miles, ±2000 feet, 6+ hours
    Experience the spectacular Berry Creek, Silver, and Golden Cascade waterfalls at Big Basin State Park, without having to hike 11+ miles. We will hike in from a beautiful, little-known canyon off the coast, stopping at a ridgetop to enjoy a 360° view of the ocean and mountains, before going to see the most beautiful waterfalls in the Santa Cruz Mountains.