1. AGORA Outline

Here we briefly outline the Project AGORA: Assembling Galaxies Of Resolved Anatomy.  This is a project manifesto written in 2012.  For a detailed outline of the Project, please look at the Flagship paper of the Project now published in the ApJS (arXivpress releases).

Title & Objectives

Project AGORA: Assembling Galaxies Of Resolved Anatomy
(formerly known as Santa Cruz High-resolution Galaxy Simulation Comparison Project)

    (1) Inaugurate a set of frameworks for comparing high-resolution galaxy simulations (with resolution of ~100 parsecs) across different high-resolution numerical platforms.

    (2) Establish isolated and cosmological initial conditions in the 1st workshop so each participating group can run a suite of simulations in the months to come. 

    (3) Maintain the collaboration online (telecon+webpage) between the two meetings.

    (4) Measurable objectives: produce a set of comparison papers by the end of year 2013

Early Milestones

 First workshop @UCSC

    (1) August 17-19, 2012 (see the details here!)
    (2) University of California at Santa Cruz 

 Running and analyzing proof-of-concept simulations

    (1) September 2012 to August 2013
    (2) Online collaboration to keep ourselves on the right track and motivated

 Second workshop @UCSC

    (1) August 16-19, 2013 (see the details here!)
University of California at Santa Cruz

 First publication of the Project results

    (1) Mid to late 2013 
    (2) To be further discussed