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Wrapping Up the 7th AGORA Workshop

posted Aug 15, 2018, 4:30 AM by Ji-hoon Kim   [ updated Aug 15, 2018, 4:31 AM ]

Dear AGORA Colleagues,

Great thanks to all who contributed to the 7th AGORA Workshop.  We had really productive discussions on Papers “CGM” and “Clumps”.  

● You can read about the summary of progress made during the Workshop:   


but also, more importantly, in the respective Paper Workspaces (important items colored red):




● ACTION ITEM for Paper “CGM” and “Clumps” participants:  

You should already be aware of what you are asked to do; but, please visit the above links, and check out agreed-upon to-do items.  In particular, code leaders are asked to write about their "favorite" feedback/cooling of their dataset entries in Section “3.2. Code-dependent Physics" of the draft (Overleaf link in the Paper “CGM" Workspace).


Thank you all very much!  


Joel, Ji-hoon, and Santi on behalf of the AGORA Steering Committee and Local Organizing Committee