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Wrapping Up the 6th AGORA Workshop

posted Aug 15, 2017, 12:37 AM by Ji-hoon Kim

Dear AGORA Colleagues,

Great thanks to all who participated in the 6th AGORA Workshop, Aug. 11-13, on-site or online.  We had very fruitful discussions on new and ongoing Papers — especially on Papers “CGM” and “Clumps” which garnered even more code groups joining in the past few days.  You can read about the progress and consensus made in the Workshop in the following page.  The page also contains links to Paper Workspaces and other useful pages.  




1.  If you have any comments or thoughts on the Project’s future funding, especially on its planned proposal for NASA-TCAN, please let Joel or Ji-hoon know (search “TCAN" in the page above). 

2.  Paper “CGM” and “Clumps” participants:  Please learn what was discussed for your Paper by visiting the respective link(s) below.  In these links, check out the homework items that need to be accomplished by the next telecon (planned for each paper within a month).  




We really appreciate your continuing contributions.  Thank you very much once again!  


Joel and Ji-hoon on behalf of the AGORA Steering Committee and Local Organizing Committee