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Wrapping Up the 5th AGORA Workshop

posted Aug 14, 2016, 9:43 PM by Ji-hoon Kim   [ updated Aug 14, 2016, 9:46 PM ]

Dear AGORA Colleagues,

The 5th Workshop of the AGORA Collaboration was held successfully at UC Santa Cruz, Aug. 12-14.  We made a lot of progress in Paper “4” thank to all the people who contributed to the working sessions, Collaboration-wide discussion, and the writing of the paper.  We ask you to please fulfill the following action items.  



1.  Please read the following page that summarizes the progress and consensus made in the Workshop.


2.  Paper “4” Participants:  Please learn what was discussed in the Workshop by finding the Google Doc in the link below.  Also in the same link, learn how you could participate in the writing of "Section 6. Results”.  The Section 6's text will be open to your contribution until Aug. 21.  Note that the draft you will find there (in a pdf form; last updated Aug. 12) will significantly change after Aug. 21 with reorganized and revamped sections, new figures, new styles, etc.    



Thank you very much once again!  We really appreciate your continuing hard work and contributions.  


Joel, Romain, and Ji-hoon