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posted Dec 15, 2019, 1:15 AM by Ji-hoon Kim   [ updated Jan 14, 2020, 7:31 AM ]
Quick links for those who are visiting the AGORA Project website.  

If you are a registered member of the Collaboration who have already joined us, please visit the extended quick links page for Collaboration members.  Contact us if you have any question!

[1]  Common Physics Package:
      - Described in Section 3 of the Flagship paper[arXiv]by Working Group I Local/High-def 
      - Information about GRACKLE cooling library in AGORAInformation
(for members only)
[2]  Common Isolated Initial Conditions:

      - Described in Section 2 of the second paper [arXiv] Local/High-def 
      - Isolated disk galaxy initial conditions at 3 different resolutionsBinaries
      - Information about the initial conditionsInformation
(for members only)
      - Tests by Working Groups II+V and the isolated run participantsTests
(for members only)
[3]  Common Cosmological Initial Conditions:  

      - Described in Section 2 of the Flagship paper [arXiv]Local/High-def
      - Zoom-in initial conditions for 8 different halosMUSIC Parameters
      - Information about the initial conditions Information
(for members only)
      - Tests by Working Groups III+VI and the proof-of-concept run participantsTests
(for members only)
[4]  Common Analysis Platform yt: 
      - An example script by Working Group IV  Scripts
[5]  Links to Key Softwares:  
      - MUSIC by Oliver HahnMUSIC
      - GRACKLE by Britton Smith et al.GRACKLE
      - yt by Matthew Turk et al.yt
      - Trident by Cameron Hummels et al.   Trident
[6]  Isolated Disk Simulation Data: 
      - Data produced by 9 code groups, used in our second paper [arXiv]Snapshots
      - Accompanying release note on arXiv [arXiv]Local/High-def