How Can I Earn Work Experience Credit?

Students who are 16 years of age and older can earn credits for working.  The conditions are:
  • The student must have a current valid work permit
  • The job cannot be "under the table"
  • Credit is issued at a rate of 36 hours = 1 credit
  • Credits are given in these categories and in this order:  Voc Ed, Applied Arts, Electives
  • Only the Work Experience specialists can issue credit (Leta, Lori, Jana or Jack)
  • A valid work experience contract must be filled out before credit can be earned
  • The student must maintain regular attendance in the school program
  • The student must do 15 hours of outside course work per school year (not included in Independent Study weekly requirements).  This can be done in an online class through Brain Honey by completing one of the following courses:  Work Environment, Character Development, Hospitality and Tourism or Retailing.  You will need to be set up with a Brain Honey account first.  Please contact your Work Experience staff for help with this. 
  • It is possible to earn school credit for a whole year's worth of work experience as long as you complete the online requirements. It is possible to earn a maximum of 10 credits per semester through Work Experience.
c polhamus,
Mar 15, 2012, 1:35 PM