How Can I Sign Up For Classes at Cabrillo College?

Here are the basic steps to take classes at Cabrillo:

1.  Apply on line at
2.  Take assessment tests if you are going to be taking a math or English class or attending full-time.  Click on this link for the current assessment schedule:
3.  Register for classes (you may only take 6 units if you are in high school and you are limited to certain classes--see the attachment below)
4.  Make sure if you are going to drop a class that you drop it by the deadline, otherwise you will end up with a "hold" on your future registrations.  Click this link to find out the current drop deadlines:

If you are still in high school and want to take classes while you are in high school, please go to this site and read the information: and also read this page to tell you exactly how to register:

When you fill out the high school release form, under releasing high school please put "Santa Cruz County Office of Ed, Alternative Ed Programs", and make sure you check the box that says #1 concurrent high school student, and the box that says "Check here to receive credit on your high school transcript"

Make sure you only choose from the classes you are allowed to take as a high school student (listed at the website above).  It is OK to put several possible choices on your course list, but then only register for a total of 6 units. 
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