Santa Clara Valley Carvers (Chapter #1 CCG)

We are an organization interested in the preservation and encouragement of the art of woodcarving.  Our club started in 1967 under the National Wood Carvers of America.  In 1974 we were one of five chapters that started the California Carver’s Guild (CCG).  The Guild has over 60 chapters and hundreds of carvers throughout the state.

The purpose of the chapter is to promote “The Woodcarving Experience” or the art and hobby of wood carving by teaching others how to carve and to offer instruction by carvers from all over the world through seminars.

We meet and carve twice a week at Santa Maria Hall, 2211 Shamrock, Campbell, CA. 
It is located near the intersection of S. Bascom and Camden.

Monday — 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Thursday — 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Our group is made up of people from all walks of life and both men and woman.  Their skills range from beginner carvers, who are just learning to love the hobby, to experts who have been carving for a lifetime.  The talent in the club is very good and many of the members are willing to share a secret or two to assist you in producing that carving you have always wanted.  You will find people working on projects such as: love spoons, picture frames, walking sticks, decoys, carousel horses, songbirds and a myriad of animals.

Our clubs doors are open to the new and experiences carvers.  Seminars are taught by our members and by expert carvers/instructors from throughout the World.  The club assists in locating carving wood and supplies locally and from other states.

We have an annual show, generally in April, which draws carvers and vendors of tools and woodcarving related items from all over the state.  The show brings together as many different types of carvings as there are carvers represented.  The show also features demonstrations of various carving skills and techniques, whittling contests, silent auctions and a raffle.

“Carving is contagious and habit forming.” 
Come and join us and enjoy the adventure.