New Officers

We have elected new officers for the 2014-2015 academic year!

Alyosha Sinkevich

Vice President

Sam Beering

Phil Mirenda

Leah Bensching

Internal Activities­ Coordinator

Maggie Jones

External Activities­ Coordinator
Theresa McArdle

Academic Chair
Nabilah Deen

Company Outreach­ Officer
Tara Pozzi

Caroline Ruwe

Amanda Laufer

Mid­Pac Coordinators

To be elected in Fall 2014

Congratulations to Civil Design Session Winners, and All the Seniors who finished their Senior Designs!

Civil Engineering Session 1 (3-way tie):

Rainwater Catchment System at Walden West Outdoor Science School
Jessica Bolanos, Melissa Crapps, Alessandro Folchi
Advisors: Steven Chiesa, Edwin Maurer

At Walden West, children learn science as it relates to the environment and sustainability. We designed a full-scale bioswale to capture and reuse the rainwater runoff on the site. To provide an educational tool for campers, we built a model bioswale and performed water quality analyses.

Life Water
Colin Boyle, Scott Hanson
Advisor: Edwin Maurer

Design and implementation of a rainwater collection, purification, storage, and distribution system for an orphanage in Kigali, Rwanda. Project team traveled to site for construction of system components. This water system will enable the orphanage to become more self-sufficient and independent of municipal water, which has proven to be unreliable.

Design of a Low-Impact Wastewater Treatment Solution for Siladen Island in Indonesia
Kyle Astill, Charles Rymer, Joseph Sarmiento
Advisor: Steven Chiesa

Design of a low-cost, centralized wastewater treatment system for Pulau Siladen, a tiny undeveloped island in Indonesia without a sustainable sanitation method. The chosen design was based on technologies that can be used to solve sanitation issues in similar communities and potentially provide recycled water to offset potable water demands.  

Civil Engineering Session 2:

Design and Evaluation of a Home-Scale Arsenic Removal System
Megan Alferness, Alex Casares
Advisor: Steven Chiesa

Arsenic contamination in groundwater is a global health concern. Our goal was to develop an affordable household arsenic filter using electrocoagulation technology that reduces arsenic concentrations to safe levels. This may lead to manufacturing the filter in Southeast Asia and other regions, including the United States.

Civil Engineering Session 3:

Ductile Bamboo Structures
Tommy Baldacci, Jonathan Chimento, John Drayton
Advisors: Mark Aschheim, Tonya Nilsson

The goal of the project is to be able to provide a structurally stable connection from masonry wall to bamboo structures in order to sustain earthquake loads of large magnitude. Areas such as Southeast Asia and Haiti have had recent large-scale earthquakes.

Civil Engineering Session 4:

Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta Levee Remedial Design
Amanda Kimi, Brandon Powers
Advisor: Sukhmander Singh

Evaluating a section of levees in the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta in order to prevent future failures. The levees will either be designed to be retrofitted or redesigned.

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