Santa Clara Soccer School

Santa Clara Soccer School has been in existence in the Woonsocket, RI area since 2010.  The school runs youth SOCCER summer academies, and winter FUTSAL leagues and training in the vicinity of Woonsocket, RI.

The school is directed by Carlos Costa who coaches for Bellingham High School and the N. E. Revolution Academy.

Santa Clara Soccer School is committed to using the game of soccer as a means of teaching children to opt for peaceful ways of resolving conflicts.  

The "Goals for Peace" initiative seeks to encourage kids to further promote peace in their immediate communities.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Santa Clara Soccer School is to teach the skills necessary to play the games of soccer and futsal in realistic game-like scenarios. It is further our mission to share the unique culture and passion associated with the world’s king sport.

Passion for the Game
My passion for the game comes from having been brought up in a loving, nurturing family in the Azores, Portugal, where the simplicity of soccer was a family value. The pictures below show my smiling father living out his own passion for the game, having fun with his friends and neighborhood kids in a simple time when soccer was the common language. His love for the local team Clube Desportivo Santa Clara and for Portugal’s emblematic club Sport Lisboa e Benfica was ingrained in my genes and remains alive today.
--Carlos M. Costa