We welcome all attendees to the workshop on "Sensor and Actuator Networks" at the TU Wien.

In this workshop, our focus is in presenting and discussing the concept of using a KUKA industrial robot not merely as a manufacturing automaton, but as a universal actuator linking the digital to the physical world, as part of a design tool that can be controlled interactively by the designer during the fabrication process.

In conventional CNC aided workflows leading from virtual models to physical ones, all design decisions must be made beforehand, therefore the production processes are linear and inflexible and don't utilize the potential of the machines as design tools.

This workshop aims at gaining an insight into the challenge of unifying the design and the fabrication processes in an open system, where design decisions can be made while the physical manufacturing process is in progress. This concept is implemented by extending the robot with a flexible open interface, and connecting it to a network of sensors and input devices allowing the on-line control of the robot. This set-up is then used to solve illustrative design tasks.

Human interventions of an intuitive nature in the manufacturing process (and executed under algorithmic interpretation), will be collaboratively discussed and examined in selective experiments.  Using provided reference scripts, workshop attendees are invited to experiment and create their own variations, culminating with the execution of those programs with the KUKA robot and the creation of individual results. This output will be exhibited during the conference.