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Sansrosa / COL-118 Info Page!




FYI : This page is unofficial, claims no connection to Collagenex Pharmaceuticals, and exists only for the education and updating of rosacea sufferers around the world.

Update: has a posting on the current Phase 2 trials: 

What is Sansrosa / COL-118?  It is a drug that has been in development for about five years, designed to treat the redness and flushing associated with rosacea.  Right now, mainstream rosacea medications have, at best, a very limited means of reducing redness and flushing.  Metronidazole, azelaic acid, and oral antibiotics are all designed to treat the lesions (also called P&Ps, or papules and pustules), but in most cases are not at all helpful for redness, flushing, or many other symptoms caused by rosacea.

    The most successful treatments for redness and flushing currently available are light-based, such as single wave-lenth lasers, (ie Vbeam) broadband light sources like IPL (ie Lumenis One), and other other solutions such as low-level lights (ie Red Light Therapy).  These can be helpful, but as surveys have shown, are VERY inconsistent, can be VERY expensive, and sometimes require a wait of weeks, months, or years to see if they have been helpful.

    Clearly, there is a desperate need for a consistent, reliable, treatment for redness and flushing.  This page seeks to give you a place where information about Sansrosa is compiled and updated.  

    Thanks for visiting!  And keep on fighting!