San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala

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This site,, is created directly from the image files used to create the original "San Pedro Presents" magazine.   As the disclaimer in Lonely Planet says, "Things change - prices go up, schedules change, good places go bad and bad places go bankrupt - nothing stays the same."   So, you may find some places listed herein no longer existing in San Pedro or you may find new places existing in San Pedro that don't exist here in these pages.

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The site was created in March 2007. In its current form the site is a gift to all businesses supporting tourism in San Pedro la Laguna, foreign and local, new and old, from Mike Jones at The Buddha, Monique Vreeken of D'Noz, Bernard from Spiral

Spirit Tattoo, Hilda from Tulan Kan and all the

other contributors who gave 

their time and energy in the creation of the "San Pedro Presents" magazine. Given in the hope of creating a better San Pedro for EVERYONE!

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