St. Anthony of Padua Prayer Ministry

St. Laurence Catholic Church Sugar Land

Welcome to St. Anthony of Padua Prayer Ministry established in1997 at St. Laurence Catholic Church.

We hope you and your family will have a warm and spirit-filled experience with us as we worship and fellowship together at our services, and events.

May God bless you abundantly.

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Prayer of the Day (May 11, 2021): We are called to forgiveness and reconciliation

Lord, You love us with limitless love. It is with us every moment of our lives. You never forget us and never abandon us. You love us on the mountains of light and joy in our lives. You love us in the dark valleys of sin and despair. You long for our return and seek us out when we stray. You are the loving Father of the prodigal son. You are the good shepherd, who, finding us in the wilderness takes us on your shoulders and bring us back to your light and the fullness of life, rejoicing. Open our eyes that we might see our faults, failings, and sinfulness, and in seeing them accept your loving forgiveness. May we learn to forgive as we are forgiven and celebrate our reconciliation with You and with each other.

Lord, the life of Your servant St. Anthony of Padua revolved around Your great message of forgiving and reconciliation. This was his compassionate call/ to the people of his time, just as it is for us today. Help each one of us to hear this call, “Come to me all you who are labored and heavily burdened and I will give you rest.”

St. Anthony of Padua, Pray for us

St. Anthony, messenger of reconciliation, Pray for us

St. Anthony, friend of sinners, Pray for us

St. Anthony, hope of the hopeless, Pray for us

St. Anthony, minister of God’s forgiveness, Pray for us

St. Anthony, giver of consolation, Pray for us

St. Anthony, light in the darkness, Pray for us

St. Anthony, “Messenger of Mercy,” help us find the compassion to forgive ourselves and others as Jesus forgives us. St. Anthony pray with us and for all the intentions of this novena. Pray especially for the intentions, which I carry in my heart and now place before the Lord through your intercession. With St. Anthony, we give praise and glory to God for calling us to forgiveness and reconciliation.

Lord, may our faith in you open us to a new life that springs from the Spirit and is sustained by You. May it make us part of a Spirit-filled humanity, whose fruits are love, peace, and joy. Grant through the intercession of St. Anthony that we may continue to grow to forgive and reconcile. In following the witness of his life may we live in peace. In union with St. Anthony let us raise our hearts to You, our source of hope and consolation. With St. Anthony, we give You praise and glory for calling us to be a Eucharistic people. Amen.

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