September 25th, 2019 Ottawa, ON

"Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity: Challenges for Leadership Education"

TISLEP-NVMO International Symposium

November 23rd, 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Leading Beyond Borders - Medical Leadership and Culture in Practice"


   Welcome to sanokondu - the website for health leadership education collaboration.   This website contains open educational resources - this means you can download and use them to support your own health       
   leadership curriculum, as long as you attribute the authors (just click on each of the module names below).  You will find a mix of background topic exploration and a variety of educational resources to help you       deliver great competency-based leadership training. Visit this link for an overview of our initiative: Introduction to TISLEP Working Groups and sanokondu

Leadership Curriculum Resources:

  Domain* Modules     Supplementary Resources
 Lead Self   
  Emotional Intelligence / Resilience / Professionalism

 Lead Self Summary
 Engage Others 
  Conflict and Communication Modules

 Engage Others Summary 

 Achieve Results  
  Accountability Module
 Achieve Results Summary
 Develop Coalitions 
  Patient Voice and Teamwork Modules

 Develop Coalitions Summary
 Systems Transformation
  Patient Safety

 Systems Transformation Summary
* The subject categories in the left column come from LEADS in a Caring Environment, the conceptual framework of leadership from the LEADS Collaborative.  
sanokondu is using the LEADS framework to organize resources with the permission of the LEADS Collaborative.*

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**We are using Google Sites to host sanokondu.com.  This gives many advantages.  One disadvantage is that the name of the person who uploads a document appears next to the respective document.  This is not meant to imply authorship.  Another disadvantage is that Google Sites may not be accessible in all countries.  We are looking into ways to resolve this access issue.**