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Our Collaborators and Associates:

LEADS Canada

LEADS Canada sits within The Canadian College of Health Leaders. LEADS Canada is the sole-source provider of LEADS-based leadership development services and partners with organizations, authorities and regions to facilitate not only the adoption of the framework, but a cultural shift required to fully imbed LEADS 
throughout an organization. 

Other Links:

Canadian Society of Physician Leadership

The CSPL is the "go to" organization for physician leaders. Since 1998, it has been providing support and development opportunities for Canadian physicians to help them succeed in their leadership and management roles in health care. 

The CSPL seeks out opportunities and partnerships to provide Canadian physician leaders with forums for education and networking, to expose them to quality leadership development programs, to recognize physicians in the health care system, and to provide membership-valued tools such as the Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership and the internationally recognized annual Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership. 

The CSPL is the best resource for any physician considering or working in a leadership position at all levels of the Canadian health system. As every physician is a leader, and as "Leader" is a new role in CanMEDS 2015, physician leaders can and should be found at the systemic, institutional, organizational, and clinical practice level. The CSPL is there to help you be successful.