Mile Run Reflection Assignment (20 Points)

This semester you worked on improving your cardiovascular endurance.  One way to evaluate the results of your training is through increases or decreases in your mile times and heart rate.  Many factors, like being sick, eating well (or not eating), or practicing for an after school sport effect mile times.  Review your mile times/heart rate and summarize the changes that occurred.  Reflect on why these changes occurred in your times. Reflection shall be at least one FULL page and at least three paragraphs. Reflection should include an introduction and conclusion.  Staple your reflection to your completed mile chart.   Mile Run Reflection is due Thursday May 19 for A day classes and Friday May 20 for B day classes.  

Reflection paper requirements:   Must use 12 font

Must have one inch margins (top/bottom and sides)

Single space

Scaffolding Sentences that may help you while you write your paragraphs:

The data on my mile graph shows/proves that……...

I found it interesting that ……...

It occurred to me that ………...

 is evidence/proof that ……..

My cardiovascular endurance …….

Web sites that may help you write your Mile Run Reflection :




Mile Run Reflection and Mile Chart- 20 points

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