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We continue to add helpful resources and links, so if we are missing one you think should be here, please email us right away with the website name and info and we will add it.  People are often confused by the terms, dens, packs, districts, councils, etc.  So here is an easy way to break it down.

Our Dens report to our Pack.
Our Pack reports to the District.
The District reports to the Council.
The Council reports to BSA National.

Simply click on any link below, it should open the link in a new browser page so you can refer back to this later if you need to.

Parkside Elementary School:

LEAD Acedemy/Horrall Elementary School:

St. Timothy's Catholic School:

City of San Mateo: 
Our Pack Photo Archives:
You have to have a free membership and be approved as a pack member in order to view our albums, so ask and we will accept.

Webelos Program Links:

Experimental Aircraft Association
Young Eagles Flying Program

Leave No Trace Training
Useful Resources:
These are businesses that we use to help our pack go, that are scout friendly, so give them a look and tell them that Pack 458 sent you!
Trophies & Medals:
Mark Bell
Trophy Paradise
Kevin Rassmussen

Dog Tags:
Crafting Supplies:
RAFT Redwood Shores
Wood Craft Workshop
This site was designed by CM Donn and is where he houses all his wood craft ideas and tips.