Costs & Fundraising

Unfortunately like every youth activity or organization there are the associated costs of memberships and operations.  While we are going to do everything we can keep these 
costs to a minimum there will be some costs that are out of our control.  All the while I think you will agree that Scouting is the best deal around!

Upon joining Cub Scouts some of the costs are:
        • Initial uniform purchase. 
        • Annual rank uniform gear and handbook.
        • Annual BSA scout and parent memberships.
        • Immediate recognition program.

ANNUAL COSTS ($200.00)
Upon joining our pack there are three fees we collect. 
  • #1 is the national membership and council insurance fee which we do not control.  
  • #2 is the annual pack fee which this money goes into our general fund which is used to cover costs of program materials and supplies.
  • #3 is the immediate recognition program. 
#1 BSA Fees
BSA & Pacific Skyline Council INCREASE FEES IN 2020
Sadly once again BSA has raised their annual membership fees after years of not increasing them, additionally our council is now "passing" along the cost of their camp and liability insurance policies, so every registered member is required to pay this annual fee.
Cost is $84 per youth and $60 per adult, these fees include the $24 mandatory council insurance fee. 

#2 Pack Fee
Annual pack membership fee of $50.  This money goes into our general fund which is used for purchasing program materials and supplies and honestly is not enough money but we defray some of this cost from our annual fundraising event.

#3 IRP Fee
Immediate recognition program.  In every rank after your scout completes an activity towards their rank advancement they will earn either beltloops (Cub Scouts) or activity pins (Webelos Scouts).  These loops and pins are quite costly at $3 each and time consuming to run to the scout store after every meeting to buy the loops/pins so the pack decided decided to purchase all of the loops/pins in advance so that upon a scout earning their loop/pin at a meeting they could be presented them immediately without weeks delay and then the Cubmaster having to ask every week for payment.
The associated cost for this is: $36 for Cub Scouts (lion-tiger-wolf-bear) and $50 for Webelos Scouts (4th/5th graders).

#4 Scout Dues
At each meeting, there are dues that your SCOUT must pay!  Upon entering the meeting room each scout is expected to sign in on the attendance sheet next to their name and then deposit their meeting dues which is fifty cents.  For more information on scout dues click here: Monthly Dues

There are field trips each year which many are free.  Where there is a cost involved, registered scouts and leaders with our pack are usually covered.  Parent participation is required and there will be an additional fee, and in some instances where siblings are allowed this fee is additional too.  
Example: One trip the scouts rode Caltrain to the railroad museum, once there we had pizza party.  The train fare and dinner costs are covered by the pack through monies raised selling popcorn.  Parents were required to attend and there was a fee for their train ticket and pizza and some sibling also attended and paid the same fee of  around $15.
The only way we can manage to keep the annual pack membership and operating costs down is through fundraising.

Mid August thru late October: Our annual fall fundraiser is selling yummy Trails-End popcorn.  All scout families are expected and required to sell popcorn.   Each scout is required to fulfill the required booth sales shifts and sell the entire contents of their sales kit.  Individual sales is normally achieved through walking door-to-door in their neighborhood, or going to a parents work, or selling via your social media platforms.  Scouts can team up and walk a neighborhood or attend a local event at a park and sell from a wagon.  Our booth sales in front of our local Smart & Final grocery store is the money maker!  Parents help by taking the sales flyer to work or posting the flyer on your social media accounts like Facebook or emailing family and friends.  Top sellers are awarded prizes, gift cards and more from both the pack, our council and Trails-End.

In 2011 our pack implemented a new pack wide sales method called the "sales kit".  This method has proved very successful and it takes the pack sales goal and divides it evenly between all scouts.  Each boy is provided a salesman's kit consisting of one of every ready-to-eat and microwave flavor of popcorn which is usually 10-15 items and each boy/family is expected to sell everything in the kit and return the proceeds (and tips) to the popcorn sales coordinator, no popcorn from the kit comes back each family is expected to resell it or they bought it..  Then for scouts that sell above and beyond the items in the kit (which is really easy to do) they are acknowledged each year with a top sellers awards night at our pack meeting.  It is understood that some boys will sell more than others and that is okay, so using the basic sales kit and minimum booth shift requirement, together everyone as a team will have an equal share in obtaining our sales goal.

In 2017 we are hosting Booth Sales every Saturday for  9-10 weekends from 10am to 3pm where each scout (tiger through webelos) is required to work 3-4 shifts, two scouts per shift minimum plus one uniformed leader and the parents of the scouts are required to be there as well  A shift is either 10:00am-12:30pm or 12:30pm-3:00pm and every scout with a parent must work so that everyone helps as a team reach our sales goal.  Years past showed this was successful and helped make up for loss in individual sales.

We are always willing to try new fundraising ideas if you are willing to coordinate them, so please share them with the Cubmaster.