Costs & Fundraising

Unfortunately like every youth activity or organization there are the associated costs of memberships and operations.  While we are going to do everything we can keep these 
costs to a minimum there will be some costs that are out of our control.

Some of the annual costs are:
-Annual BSA scout and parent memberships.
-Annual unit charter fees.
-Required uniforms and materials.
-Special pack activities and trips.
-Craft and/or activity kits.
-Annual Friends of Scouting campaign.

Upon joining our pack there are two check we must collect.  Check #1 payable to BSA is $for 50 to cover both the scout and parent partner's national chartering membership fees and subscription to Boy's Life magazine.  Check #2 is for $50 which covers pack expenses like craft supplies and most importantly all the awards your son will earn.   Each year as our annual charter is up for renewal by December 31st and we will again collect $100 from each family which must be paid by January 31st regardless of the month that you joined in.  

NOTE: beginning in 2017 national membership fees have increased $15 and the pack is covering that cost for now.

Webelos Scouts (4th & 5th grades) the annual pack membership fee has increased to $75.  This decision was made because this program offers a scout the ability to earn many more costly awards, for example the 27 activity pins at $2.49ea ($67+tax).
At each meeting, there are dues that your son must pay!  Upon entering the meeting room he is expected to sign in on the attendance sheet next to his name and then deposit his meeting dues which is fifty cents.  For more information on scout dues click here: Monthly Dues

There will be several field trips each year which many are free.  Where there is cost involved, registered scouts and leaders with our are usually covered.  Parent participation is required and there will be an additional fee, and in some instances where siblings are allowed this fee is additional too.  Example: One trip the boys enjoyed riding Caltrain to the railroad museum, once there we had pizza dinner.  The train fare and dinner costs are covered by the pack through monies raised selling popcorn.  Parents and siblings were welcome to attend this fun event for about $15 each.
The only way we can manage to keep the annual pack membership and operating costs down is through fundraising.

Late August thru October: Our annual fall fundraiser is selling yummy Trails-End popcorn.  All scout families are expected and required to sell popcorn.  This is normally achieved through individual sales with a prefilled "sales kit", door-to-door sales whether a scout sells alone or with fellow scouts, table sales in front of our local Smart & Final grocery store, or parents taking the sales flyer to work.  Top sellers are awarded prizes, gift cards and more from both the pack, our council and Trails-End.

In 2011 our pack implemented a new pack wide sales method called the "sales kit".  This method has proved very successful and it takes the pack sales goal and divides it evenly between all scouts.  Each boy is provided a salesman's kit consisting of one of every ready-to-eat and microwave flavor of popcorn which is usually 10-15 items and each boy/family is expected to sell everything in the kit and return the proceeds (and tips) to the popcorn sales coordinator, no popcorn from the kit comes back each family is expected to resell it or they bought it..  Then for scouts that sell above and beyond the items in the kit (which is really easy to do) they are acknowledged each year with a top sellers awards night at our pack meeting.  It is understood that some boys will sell more than others and that is okay, so using the basic sales kit and minimum booth shift requirement, together everyone as a team will have an equal share in obtaining our sales goal.

In 2017 we are hosting Booth Sales every Saturday for  9 weekends from 10am to 3pm where each boy is required to work 3 shifts, two scouts per shift plus one leaader.  A shift is either 10:00am-12:30pm or 12:30pm-3:00pm and every boy with a parent must work so that everyone helps as a team reach our sales goal.  Year past showed this was successful and helped make up for loss in individual sales.

November:  Each year the Cubmaster drives into the Sierra's and hunts down a bushel of mistletoe.   Then our pack cuts, ties, and packages this small sprigs and each boys is given twenty bagged sprigs and sells them for a $1 donation.  The money raised helps fund our annual holiday party.   

The mistletoe program is currently on hold until a parent volunteers to coordinate.

December: First week of the month (Wed thru Fri) we will hosts a booth at the Parkside Holiday Craft Show where scouts and parents are asked to staff the booth/table where we recruit, sell post popcorn leftover sales, and a gift basket raffle this is a fun event because the boys are seen by all their classmates and they run booth.  Currently we only participate at Parkside but would like to extend this to our other three schools if a parent shares that info and can coordinate it.