Parent Training

Every year our pack strives to obtain the highest level we can in the Journey To Excellence (
formerly the Quality Unit Award) and in order to do so one of the measurements we are measured on is how many of our adult leaders and committee members are fully trained.  For the past 10 years we have successfully obtained the highest level, GOLD and this could not have been obtained without the dedication of our pack leaders and committee members.

FACT- did you know that only 28% of uniformed scout leaders and direct-contact adults are officially trained by BSA standards and are awarded the red or green "Trained" uniform patch which is proudly displayed on their left shirt sleeve?

As a 2010 pack committee decision and achievement we require that ALL of our uniformed leaders achieve this training level, plus complete additional trainings that will help with our outdoor programs.  In addition, ALL registered parent partners must complete the online "basic training".  These online courses vary in length and you can start and stop and come back later to finish.  Once you have completed the training sessions, you simply print out the certificate card and submit it to the Pack Trainer or Cubmaster.  Each year all parents are required to attend the 15 minute Youth Protection Training and refresher course.

Our goal is to be the only pack that can boast we are
100% Trained.


Create your user name by using your first name initial and last name.  If the site says your user name is already taken then use the name as previously entered and add 458 at the end.

Create your password that you can easily remember.

IF you have received your membership card or magazine subscription, your membership number can be found on the mailing label.  You then add to your number to your profile, which is Pacific Skyline Council. This allows the BSA to track how many members from each council are registered.

All registered parents must complete the following online basic courses, average course time for each is 15-20 minutes:

1. Youth Protection Training & Quiz   (effective 10/01/2018 ALL adults must complete the new version of YPT)

2018 Update, the scouting website is undergoing a new look and may not be as easy to navigate as it once was, so be patient and click around or use the search window option.

Further and advanced training classes are offered through our council and you can check their training calendar by going to this website: 

Additionally, if any parents that hold valid First Aid or CPR card you should provide a copy of that card so we know how many emergency trained members we have.