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Beginning Fall 2016 our pack has been chosen to host the new pilot program for kindergarten aged boys called Lion Cubs. 
This new fun program is an easy scout-parent partner program where the boys go on adventures too.  They will meet twice a month, once with the pack and once on a go-see-it field trip.

Each den is led by a uniformed trained den leader  who is a volunteer and a parent usually of a boy in that den.  Each den leaders experience and methods may vary.  Den leaders need help, so please offer to help where you can.
  • Parent involvement is strongly recommended and often required.  
  • There is no drop off and pick up of Cub Scout youth and Webelos Scouts are only allowed with prior approval from the Cubmaster on a case by case basis.
  • Lion and Tiger Cub's must be accompanied by a parent partner at all times!  

Cub Scouts is very much a family friendly program, however we ask that siblings only attend a meeting if they can be kept busy without distraction or parent attention.   

Legalese: Meetings are for the registered scouts development, siblings that are not registered in the pack are not covered by our insurance or use agreement.  Therefore without prior approval from the Cubmaster they cannot participate in any activities, games, projects, or snacks and it should not be expected that they can participate.

Our Cub Scout pack is comprised of dens, which are organized by grade levels.
  During the scout year (June 1st to May 30th) the boys will work on the requirements to earn their rank badge both at den meetings and at home.  

Effective June 1, 2015 the entire Cub Scout program underwent a new and dramatically different change from what it was for the past one hundred years.   The new program is streamlined and intended:
  • To make teaching easier for den leaders. 
  • To make it easier for parents to understand. 
  • Most importantly make it more FUN for the boys, who will now go on new adventures.  
  • There adventures will become more challenging as the scout advances up in ranks. 

For Cub Scouts (Tiger, Wolf, Bear) their totem and beads are replaced with new beltloops for achievements and electives.  Each rank will be required to complete 7 adventures in order to earn their rank badge.  Additionally boys can earn the new elective beltloops which are replacing the gold and silver elective arrow patches.  Elective beltloops can be earned at anytime however they will not be awarded until after the rank badge is earned, so it is important to focus on requirements before electives.  The official BSA belts will now be a required part of the uniform!

For Webelos Scouts (Webelos I & II) will be challenged with new requirements.  The current 20 activity pins are being replaced with 29 new adventure pins.  To earn the Webelos badge all boys will complete the same 5 required adventure pins and 1 elective pin of their choice. To earn the Arrow of Light badge all boys will complete the same 4 required adventure pins and 3 elective pins of their choice that they have not already earned as part of the Webelos badge requirement.  While a boy can work on both the Webelos badge and Arrow of Light award at the same time, the Arrow of Light can only be awarded after the Webelos badge is earned.  Much like in Cub Scouts, balancing requirements before electives. 

The Academics & Sports beltloop and pin program have been discontinued, and those beltloops will no longer be a part of the uniform.

The first step in Cub Scouts regardless of age or rank is earning the Bobcat badge which should be earned within 30 days of joining.  The Bobcat badge requirements are still 7 items though BSA as adopted one Scout Oath and Law which is that of the current Boy Scout program.

1. Learn and say the Boy Scout Oath.
2. Learn and say the Boy Scout Law.
3. Learn and say the Cub Scout motto.
4. Learn and show the Cub Scout sign.
5. Learn and show the Cub Scout salute.
6. Learn and show the Cub Scout handshake.
7. With your parent or guardian, complete the pamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide.

For a look into the new Cub Scout program, click on one of the handbooks below to see the requirements. 
 Kindergarten Boys

1st Grade Boys
2nd Grade Boys
3rd Grade Boys
 4th & 5th Grade Boys

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Requirements 2015 & Beyond
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