Sanket Roy
 Contact Information:  Ph: (+1) 607 379 8325
  Mail: Department of Economics,
  404 Uris Hall,
  Cornell University,
  Ithaca, NY, 14853



     I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Economics at Cornell University.

My fields of interest are environmental economics and urban development.


The Short and Long Run Impacts of Temperature on U.S. Residential Energy Consumption.

The Effects of Rising Income Inequality on the Equilibrium of a City.

The Effects of Construction Cost Differentials on City Equilibrium and Its Impact on the Vulnerability of the Poor in A Monocentric City Set Up.
(with Antonio M. Bento, Sofia Franco, and Ravi Kanbur)

Linking Housing and Automobile Purchase Decisions: Do Housing Supply Regulations Promote Green Cities?
(with Antonio M. Bento, Joel Landry, and Edson