- Sankar Gurumurthy 


  I am Sankar Gurumurthy.  I am a doctoral student at the University of Texas. More about my professional activities can be found here.  I generally say that I am from Madras (Chennai).  But to be  more precise, I am from Tiruninravur.  Here is a photo of myself near Lake Titisee.


   I do not have much to say about myself. So there is nothing much to put on a website. I am generally interested in watching sports/movies and chatting with friends. I read a lot of books, mostly fiction.  I am also addicted to surfing the net indefinitely. My current fixation is to read as many sports blogs as possible. I have an orkut profile. You can just search for my name there in case you want to contact me. 

  BTW,  like any other webpage this page will always be under construction. So here goes

  Now, my site will also look like m(b/z)illion other sites. I just wanted to make sure that I dont stand out.