*ALERT* This outdated site is available solely for archival purposes. To visit the active site for SJWG, please redirect to: http://www.sanjuanswcd.com/watershed/

Who is the San Juan Watershed Group? We are a group of citizens and local agencies working to improve water quality in the San Juan River and all its tributaries so that they meet national water quality standards.



What exactly does our group do?  We are working to meet water quality goals by providing match funding to farmers for implementing agricultural BMPs, by educating the community about sources of water pollution,  and by coordinating research and planning for a basin-wide Watershed Based Plan.


Why should we be concerned about water quality? Sections of the San Juan, Animas, and La Plata Rivers are listed under the Clean Water Act for being polluted with E. coli  bacteria, plant nutrients, and sediment.


Where is our group active? We are located in San Juan County, New Mexico. Most of our projects are located on the San Juan River from Navajo Dam downstream through Farmington to the border with the Navajo Nation, on the Animas River from Durango to Farmington, and on the La Plata River downstream of the Colorado border.


How can you get involved? Join our email list to receive updates on group activities, local water quality news, and find out what's happening at our next meeting! And also...