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Traditional Artillery Salute during Christmas Boat Parade 2013 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan 1797 - Puerto Rico 2013 [Marcha por Caleta y Puerta de San Juan]

Wanda Montes
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Kate Bolcar
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Saturday April 30, 2011: Last interpretation of Spanish Engineers, spinning and artillery

Short clip of Saturday April 30, 2011: Last Engineers Pavillion interpretation, spinning and artillery

San Juan 1797 - Puerto Rico 2010

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San Juan 1797 - Puerto Rico 2010

Photos by Tania K. Marrero

San Cristobal April 
2009 Barracks
Barracas en abril de 2009

1797 British Siege of San Juan, Puerto Rico 2009

Festival Cultural Viequense 2014

1er Disparon de "El Lobo" [Casa Blanca, San Juan de Puerto Rico]

Certificación de Fusileros y Artilleros 2012

2011 Battle of Rose Farm

[Personalised Certificates of Truce and Amnesty
will be mailed to all participants in June 2011]

(Text from an 18th century Spanish passport)
Don Ramón de Castro y Gutierrez
Marquis of Lorca and Baron of San Pedro
Governor and Captain General of the City of San Juan Bautista
By order of the commander of all the armies and militias of the island of Puerto Rico, the doors of the city are opened during this
6th Commemorat
ion of the Defense of San Juan during the British Siege of 1797
by the Regimiento Fijo de Puerto Rico
With the desire to remember, proclaim and honor the heroic feats of this moment in history, and the tenacious constancy of this city, we proclaim truce and amnesty to troops of all flags to muster in the month of April of 2011 in the Ballajá Headquarters in the City of San Juan Bautsita of Puerto Rico.

With this purpose, we plead to all military and civilian authorities on land and sea to extend protection and aid without any impediment to travel and stay to
May God guard all who accompany us in this noble cause.
Pedro Rodríguez
Artillery Lieutenant

San Juan 1797 - Puerto Rico 2010

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