1. Incentives and Emission Responsibility Allocation in Supply Chains

Sanjith Gopalakrishnan, Daniel Granot, Frieda Granot, Greys Sošić, and Hailong Cui

Forthcoming at Management Science

2. Consistent Allocation of Emission Responsibility in Fossil Fuel Supply Chains

Sanjith Gopalakrishnan, Daniel Granot, and Frieda Granot

Forthcoming at Management Science

3. Go Wide or Go Deep? Assortment Strategy and Order Fulfillment in Online Retail

Sanjith Gopalakrishnan, Moksh Matta, and Mona Imanpoor Yourdshahy

Major revision at Manufacturing & Service Operations Management SSRN

4. Information Sharing During Standards Adoption in Networks: The Role of Technological Modularity

Sanjith Gopalakrishnan, Moksh Matta, and Hasan Cavusoglu

Major revision at Information Systems Research

5. A Characterization of PM-Compact Bipartite and Near-Bipartite Graphs

X .Wang, Y. Lin, M. H. de Carvalho, C. L. Lucchesi, G. Sanjith, C. H. C. Little

Discrete Mathematics. 2013. 313(6), 772-783

6. Another Characterisation of Planar Graphs

C. H. C. Little and G. Sanjith

The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. 2010. 17(1), N15

Works in Progress

Bike-Sharing Systems: The Economic and Environmental Impact of Operational Strategies

Joint work with Daniel Granot and Frieda Granot.

Robust Measurement of Prospect Theory Preferences

Joint work with Dale Griffin, Mahesh Nagarajan and Andrew Shields.