Sanjeev Mehta - Choreographer.
 S.M.E.D.A.- Sanjeev Mehta's Elegant Dance Academy.



 "Artistic Dance Worx..."Gets U On Toes"

Choreographer In Closet.

It means a lot when he opens his share of knowledge to the world, He makes it easier to be known to the genre the realistic forms of life through dance,The true meaning and the act of non verbal communication, It is deep though to search for the apparitional through the only existence of beautiful nature and the wild animals which add to the beauty of spiritual being.


You will find,

Dance brings life,

Dance is a passion obtained,

Dance is the need to timeless existence,

Dance is a new word to the genesis,

Dance is a new meaning to physically challenge our bodies,

Dance knows no religion and race,

Dance is worship to one and a prayer to another,

Dance is a new dimension in bringing history and future too close together,

Dance is more than what we think and imagine.

This is what ADW looks forward in the world of art, a great future in educating dance through realistic and true artistic forms.

To change,

Your life,

Your comportment,

Your attitude

And your destiny........

We think Life is bighearted and we are just the small-scale organization to project Life in a magnanimous way. 

Music Video Choreographed by Sanjeev Mehta-


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