Sanjay Tiwari

Project Scientist-'B'


2003-2006 : M. Tech in Applied Geophysics, Indian Institute of Technology,                                 Roorkee

1999-2002 : B. Sc. Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics, Kumoun University                                 Nainital.


(1) Landmark training on Openworks, Seisworks, Geoprobe, ZMap, etc, in RIL        as a part of Campus to Corporate program of 3 months

(2) Anisotropic depth imaging training in Schlumberger Houston center for               two weeks

(3) Project management training in Schlumberger Houston center for one                   week.


  • Borehole seismic (VSP) data acquisition, processing and interpretation
  • Micro-seismic data acquisition and processing
  • Land and Marine seismic data acquisition
  • Land and marine seismic time imaging
  • Land and marine seismic depth imaging
  • Seismic data management