Graduate Students

Current Students (PHD, unless otherwise specified)

  1. Matin Kheirkhahan, ROAMM: Software Infrastruture for Mobile Healthcare Data
  2. Mohamed Gadou, GPU Algorithms for Sparse Matrix Factorization
  3. Yupeng Yan, Machine Learning for Large-scale Remote Sensing Datasets (co-advisee with Anand Rangarajan)
  4. Chengliang Yang, Machine Learning for Health Care Datasets
  5. Sanaz Geibi, Machine Learning for Large Scale Transportation Applications
  6. Tania Banerjee, Postdoctoral Researcher, Performance and Energy Optimizations for Large scale Turbulent Flows
  7. Xiaohui Huang, Machine Learning for Change Detection
  8. Malavi Pathirannahalage Wijayasiri, GPU Algorithms for SAR Computation (co-advisee with Sartaj Sahni)
  9. Mahmoud Pourmehrab, Signal Optimization for Autonomous and Connected Vehicles (co-advisee with Lily Elfeteradiou)
  10. Patrick Enami, Optimization and Machine Learning for Intelligent Signal Control
  11. Keke Zhai, Thermal Aware Computing
  12. Dhruv Mahajan, Bigdata Infrastructure for Transportation Applications

Past Graduate Students

Unless listed explicitly as a co-advisor, I was the principal advisor

  1. Todd Heywood, (1991), A Practical Hierarchical Model of Parallel Computation.  Technical Staff, IBM Poughkeepsie.
  2. Anand Rangachari, (1992), Efficient Neural Algorithms for Multiclass Problems  . Technical Staff, IBM T. J. Watson Labs. (co-advisor with Kishan G. Mehrotra)
  3. Yeh Chin Chung, (1992), Static Mapping and Scheduling Algorithms for Distributed Memory Multiprocessors. Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, National Taiwan University, Taiwan R. O. C.
  4. Jhy Chun Wang, (1993), Load Balancing and Communication Support for Irregular Problems.  Technical Staff, IBM Poughkeepsie.
  5. Harpal Maini, (1994), Incorporating Knowledge in Genetic Optimization  . Technical Staff, Deutesche Morgan Bank. (co-advisor with Kishan G. Mehrotra)
  6. M. C. Yang, (1994), 3-D Object Recognition and Description using parallel Geometric Hashing Algorithms.
  7. David Koester, (1995), Parallel Block-Diagonal-Bordered Sparse Linear Systems for Power Systems Applications
  8. Chao-Wei Ou. (1996),  Partitioning and Incremental Partitioning for Adaptive Irregular Problems, Technical Staff, Northeast Parallel Architecture Center.
  9. Ravi Shankar (1996),  Scalable Parallel Algorithms for Random Accesses and Shared Memory Simulation.  Technical Staff, Bellcore.
  10. Maher Kaddoura (1996),  Parallel Computing in Nonuniform and Adaptive Computational Environments. Technical Staff, Architecture Technology Corporation.
  11. Seungjo Bae (1997), Runtime Support for High Performance Fortran, Technical Staff, ETRI (Korea)
  12. Jang Sun Lee(1997), User Controllable Parallel I/O, Technical Staff, ETRI (Korea)
  13. Khaled Alsabti (1998), Efficient Algorithms for Data Mining Primitives, Assistant Professor, King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia
  14. Ibraheem Al-furaih (1998), Optimizing for Memory Hierarchy. Saudi Arabia
  15. Hankil Yoon (2000), Efficient Processing of Large Sparse Datasets. Oracle Corporation.
  16. Scott Winterstein (2000), Efficient Association Mining for Data Warehousing and E-Commerce.
  17. Srijit Kamath (2005), Efficient Algorithms for Sequencing Multileaf Collimators (Postdoc at Stanford University College of Medicine) (co-advisor with Sartaj Sahni).
  18. Jang Uk In, (2006), Policy Based Scheduling for Grid Environments, Microsoft Corporation.
  19. Jun Liu (Feb 2008), Data Mining for CGH data, Google Corporation.
  20. Xiuyao Song (2008), Data Mining for Anomaly Detection, Google Corporation.
  21. Laukik Chitnis (2008). Very Large Scale Sensor Networks, Yahoo Corporation.
  22. Jaeyeon Kang (2008), Energy minimization algorithms for Multicore machines, Samsung Research.
  23. Parbati Manna (2008), Modeling Propagation of Internet Worms, Intel Corporation.
  24. Manas Somaiya (2010), Data Mining for Transactional Data, Facebook.
  25. Eunsung Jung (2010), Control Plane Scheduling Software for Optical Networks, Samsung Research Labs.
  26. Yan Li (2010), Data Structures and Algorithms for resource scheduling in high speed networks. (co-advisee with Sartaj Sahni), Google Corporation.
  27. Bin Song (2010), Inverse Algorithms for Metabolic Engineering, (co-advisor with Tamer Kahveci), Oracle Corporation.
  28. Nirmalya Bandyopadhyay (2011), Modeling Perturbations in Gene Regulatory Networks, Johns Hopkins University.
  29. Arslan Munir (2012), Modeling and Optimization of Parallel and Distributed Embedded Systems (co-advisee with Ann Gordon Ross), University of Nevada, Reno.
  30. Abdullah Almutairi (2012), Efficient Algorithms for learning correlations in Large-scale Wireless Data, Kuwait University.
  31. Zhe Wang (2012), Software and Algorithms for Energy and Temperature Minimization, Facebook.
  32. Saeed Moghhaddam (2012), Large-Scale Mining of Mobile Online Behavior: Interest-Aware Modeling and Design Samsung Corporation (co-advisee with Ahmed Helmy), Samsung Research.
  33. William Chapman (2013), Multicore Computing for Synthetic Aperture Radar.
  34. Junjie Li (2013), GPU Computing for Bioinformatics Applications, (co-advisee with Sartaj Sahni), Optym Corporation.
  35. Yifan Wang (2015), Energy-efficient and Thermal-Aware Task Scheduling on multi-core processors.
  36. Hengxing Tan (2016), Performance, Energy and Thermal Tradeoffs for data parallel problems