Sanjay Das

A Software Engineer / Architect / Team-lead with experience in Start-ups as well as Fortune-100 companies. I have architected / built horizontally scalable back-ends atop NoSQL DBs, Big-data platforms, distributed RESTful API services. I have hired / managed small-to medium size teams. I have proven ability to jump into new projects and learn new technologies quickly. My passion lies in building great products while enabling others to perform their roles more effectively.

I am particularly interested in piecing together popular open source components and add proprietary technologies that address various elements of the Data pipelines (move, refine, store, analyze, visualize, reprocess) to achieve paths of convergence across agriculture, health care, and urban planning.


BITS, Pilani, India. M. Sc (Tech) Computer Science. First Class. (5 Year consolidated program)

Work Experience

Director - Data Engineering/ Team Lead: AdMarketplace, Oct, 2020 – now, New York

    • Engineering a Big-Data platform to provide access to Live/Historical Metrics to Internal Users, External Clients via Dashboards/APIs, Anomaly Detection.

    • Leading a team of on/off-shore Architects, Data/Test Engineers

    • Microservices, SSO, Java/Scala/Python, Spark, Kafka, Vertica, ElasticSearch/Clickhouse, Parquet, Airflow, AWS (Athena, EMR, Lambda)

Consultant: Cigna, CVS-Health, Oct, 2019 – Sep 2020, New York / Remote

    • Developed, Deployed and Monitored a Big-Data platform to provide internal/external access to Med/Rx Claims

    • Handled high-volume data (100M Transactions), Throughput / Latency issues

    • Developed Python modules and enhanced Java Kafka-Connectors

    • Mentored Junior engineers, Code reviews

    • Kafka, Hadoop/Hive/Impala, CDC, Python, PySpark, Docker/OpenShift/Kubernetes, Splunk, Git, Jenkins

Architect/Principal Software Engineer: ETrade, Apr, 2017 – Oct 2019, New Jersey / New York

    • Engineered a Big-Data platform to provide internal/external access to Transactions, Portfolios, Live/Historical Data, Customer Profile and Behavior

    • Handled near-live market-data and ingested event-stream from external vendor

    • Developed Java Kafka-KStream modules

    • Mentored junior engineers, Code reviews

    • (Kafka, Kstream/KSQL, CDC, Cassandra, Oracle, Java 8, OpenShift, Prometheus, Git, Jenkins)

Lead Back-end Developer/Consultant: Jun, 2014 – Jan, 2017, New Jersey / New York

    • Dun and Bradstreet - Prototyped a new Big Data platform to ingest and process massive amounts of data (via event-driven Microservices) both in Batch and Streaming.(Spark, NoSQL, Kafka, Avro, Docker, Mesos and AWS / EMR, Git, Java 8)

    • Citi Bank - Developed solution for Ingestion and Processing of massive amounts of Batch Data from an external source. (Java 8, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Spring Integration, PCF)

    • esPronto (Start-up) - Managed, Deployed and Maintained consumer facing Android / iOS Apps and Responsive-web Front-end. Lead high-functioning agile team with heavy emphasis on rapid deployment based on continuous customer feedback. Hired and Managed a team of 10 UX Designer, Engineers and Testers.(MongoDB / NoSQL, Redis, AWS)

Software Architect / Lead Back-end Developer: Symphony Fintech, Apr, 2009 – Mar, 2014, New Jersey/India

Symphony provides on-line stock trading and back-testing solutions to professional traders.

    • Architected and Developed an on-line Stock Trading and cloud based Algo Trading System. Notable achievement - Each trader can spawn off an Amazon EC2 container with private access to Market Data Cloud, Virtual Exchange and suite of Algorithms.

    • I had multiple roles – Architect, Team-lead, Back-end Developer, Implementation at Client-sites and Day-to-day troubleshooting for live deployments. (Java, Web-Services, AWS, Maven, Jenkins, JCache, MySQL, JSP / Servlets, WebSocket, Market Data Cloud, FIX Order Router)

Consultant: Investment Bank / Hedge-fund, New York, Mar, 2005 – Mar, 2009

    • Consultant to an Investment Bank to implement a Credit Derivative front office solution. Gathered business requirements and implemented the requirements. Followed up with the users to test the implementation and achieved sign-off towards go-live. (Java, Tibco)

    • Consultant to a Hedge-fund to develop the front-end for a trading platform based on a generic security model to support daily trading and hedging activities for both front/middle office handling a wide range of products. Mentored & handed over to Junior Staff. (Java, Flex)

Lead Developer: Morgan Stanley, New York, Jul, 2003 – Mar, 2005

    • Enhanced server-side of PassportWeb - a web based Equity/Futures/FX Trading platform.

    • Responsible for delivery, deployment, major performance optimizations (concurrency both via processes and threads), continuing enhancements and day to day issue resolution. (Java, Sybase)

Integration Development Lead / Solution Architect: SunGard, New York, Oct, 2001 – Jun, 2003

    • Integrated Zainet commodity trading system with Commodity Exchanges & customer gateways.

    • Leader of a team that consisted of Product Managers, Programmers & Testers. Extensive interaction with clients to gather specs and shape the solution architecture. (SQL Server, XML/XSL, Corba , Tibco RV & J2EE)

Lead Developer: Wit SoundView (Start-up Broker), New York, Apr, 1999 – Jun, 2001

    • Developed Vostock - a web-based continuous Auction System for Secondary stock offerings.

    • The customer-facing web-site entertained thousands of persistent (via applets) and HTML clients to participate in a live auction. The back-end was entirely developed in Java on NT platform and deployed on a Unix platform. Interfaced the Auction System with US Clearing Corp’s Order Execution System & ADP’s BPS Advantage. I was responsible for technical design decisions, scalability, deployment, stress testing, coordination with outside consultants and every other conceivable server-side technical issue. (Java, JSP, Weblogic, Websphere, DB2)

Lead Developer (Consultant): Goldman Sachs, New Jersey, Sep, 1997 – Aug, 1999

    • Hired to architect next generation distribute real-time trade reporting system from multiple databases and setup an infrastructure for future Web-Based projects..

    • My achievements are: Came up with a basic underlying design that is highly scalable & portable. It can scale to multiple Web-Servers, multiple Application Servers and access multiple Data-Bases. Business objects running in Application servers can be interfaced with both web & non-web clients. All servers can be run on either NT or Solaris platforms. (Java, Weblogic, Informix).