Sanjay Dalal

Software entrepreneur. Proven track record in web/enterprise software development at all stages of product life-cycle from conceptualization to maturity. 

Product Development 

  1. ViVOtech
    1. ViVOtsm Over the air provisioning infrastructure software for Vivo Mobile Wallet and NFC services (applications) such as EMV Payment Cards (Mastercard, Visa), MIFARE apps (Vivocard Coupon, Vivocard Loyalty, Vivocard Prepaid, Ticket, etc.) [DoSE]*
    2. ViVOtouch Mobile Marketing
  2. CollectionSpace web services, UC Berkeley
    1. RESTful web service IoC framework [A]
    2. Multi-tenant SaaS architecture design and development [A]
    3. Security [A]
  3. Streametics
    1. Promotion Management (cloud-based deployment using Amazon EC2S3 and EBS services [AM]
    2. Channel Fraud Detection [AM]
    3. Streametics Complex Event Processing (CEP) Engine [AM]
  4. BEA Systems, Inc. (Oracle) 
    1. AquaLogic Enterprise Service Bus (ALSB) [A(OA&M, Monitoring, Reporting), Security]
    2. WebLogic Integration (WLI) [A(WLI Security, B2B Provisioning), L(B2B Messaging, B2B RASP**), AM(EDI)]
    3. WebLogic Collaborate (WLC) [L(XOCP, Enabler), Hub]
    4. WebLogicEnterprise (WLE) [L(EJB 1.1, CORBA)]
    5. WebLogic Server (WLS) (EJB 1.0)
  5. IBM Hyperwise on OS/2 Warp (export tools), Kali Soft, Inc.

*A - architect, DoSE - director of software engineering, L - technical lead, M - engineering manager
**RASP - Reliability, Availability, Scalability and Performance


  1. University of California, Berkeley : Multi-tenant SaaS architecture and development for CollectionSpace web services
  2. Chicago Board of Exchange (CBOE) : Development of scalable Java/CORBA-based Event Services
  3. Capital One : Development of business object framework using fault tolerant C++/CORBA services on IONA's Orbix with Isis platform
  4. NYNEX : Design and implementation of transaction framework for Sales and Negotiation Application


  1. Streametics Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Brand Protection Solution, Sanjay Dalal (PI), Small Business Innovation Research, Award #0637624National Science Foundation, 2007.


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  2. Web Services Coordination v1.0 (WS-Coordination), 2005 : (reviewer)
  3. OASIS Business Transaction Protocol (BTP) 1.0, OASIS Committee Specifications, 2002 : (co-author)


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  3. Conversation Mangement ProtocolHPTS 2001


Product Management, certificate, Walter A. Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, 2009

Berkeley Executive Leadership ProgramWalter A. Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, 2009

Transaction Processing Concepts and Techniques (Dr. Jim Gray and Dr. Andreas Reuter), Stanford University, 1999

Internet Security & Applied Cryptography, (Dr. Boneh,, Stanford University, 1999