Pages containing my Jyotish articles.
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  • Panchanga HTML (Save this file to your local machine or if your cell phone has an HTML browser save it to you mobile device!, Gives Panchanga,  Rahu kaala, Chaughadia etc). 
  • SriJagannathaPanchanga-Lite.htm 
  • TRIAL VERSION: Panchanga with planet positions. This is trial version of the above Panchanga script. Which is valid from 1927 onwards for 120 years. You can try this and report any problems to me. You can also fix problems yourself or with help of someone who knows Javascript.
  • Create JHD File from text
  • Shata Patha Chakra A Chakra to refer alphabets (devanagiri phonemes) assigned to each nakshatra pada. This chakra is called as Shata Pada chakra. Patha means path and Pada mean foot or quarter. Two books give different pronunciations. I think the second one (Shatapada) could be right.