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Welcome to one of the finest places on the web. Learn a lot, have fun and send your comments. You can get my personal information from about page. Initially I planned to launch this site for publish some C programs, which are answers for the questions asked in, written by me. In the process of my site I've added some other valuable and interesting things to that initial idea. Follow the links to know about the other contents.

In a bad mood? here's how to get over it

  • Find something or someone you are grateful for and express your gratitude to yourself, to your journal and/or to the person or others. What is it that makes a day special? Is it seeing a beautiful bird in your backyard, watching the sunset over the ocean, skiing down a mountain or getting a clean bill of health from your doctor? Look around a bit. Write about it in your journal or just remember it.
  • Focus on what you have been ignoring. When was the last time you read a great novel, sat by a fire in the fireplace or had the oil in your car changed? Find something you have been meaning to do and do it!
  • Stay in the present. Appreciate the mundane by focusing on the activities you do without thinking like eating, bathing, walking. Take notice of how good the water feels in the shower, how soft or hard the ground feels on your feet as you walk or just silently eat your meal and really taste it.
  • Get some exercise - go for a walk, ride your bike, jog etc.
  • Take a break and have a cup of tea. Sit quietly for 15 minutes. Keep your mind blank.
    Often the silence is enough to change my mood. Sitting quietly keeping our mind off everything brings us back.
  • Pick a piece of uplifting music and listen to it. Show tunes make me smile! How about you? What kind of music makes you happy?
  • Find your own special place to gather strength. Popular possibilities are sitting by the ocean/river/pond, visiting a mountain range, sitting or standing by a lovely garden.
  • Watch a young child play. See how engaged they are in the moment and in what they are doing. Join them .sanjayar - Sanjaya Ratnaweera - edit
  • Sing your favourite song with or without the radio or stereo on. Crowing worked for Mary Martin!
    It is hard for me to imagine being sad when I am singing. . .

31'st December 2004

Newly launched web site of ministry of defence 

2'nd May 2005


How to start the day in a happy mood

  • Open a new file in your PC.
  • Name it ''window$''
  • Send it to the trash.
  • Empty the trash.
  • Your PC will ask you, ''Do you really want to get rid of window$?''
  • Answer calmly, ''Yes,'' and press the mouse button firmly.
  • Feel better.

27'th December 2004

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