The Research interest of our group is

  • Preparation of Novel Metal organic precursors for CVD Application.
  • Microwave irradiation assisted chemical synthesis of some selected semiconducting Oxide Nanomaterials such as ZnO, CdO etc. 
  • Indigenous design of new chemical vapor deposition system. 
  • Chemical Vapor Depositon of Different Technologically important oxide Thin  Film Materials.

In additon to the research work on "Ionic conducting rare earth based ceramic oxide materials" carried out at iit@kgp, I am interested in semiconducting oxide nanostructures and study of their properties. Presently I am working in Microwave assisted synthesis of nanostructures using metal organic precursors In future there is a plan to deposit thin film in a laboratory grade (indigenously designed) chemical vapor deposition system

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Presently I am working with close collaboration with following distinguished professors as follows:

Prof Karuna Kar Nanda  (MRC, IISC)

Prof K. J Rao             (MRC, SSCU, IISC)

Prof Navakanta Bhat   (ECE, IISC)

Prof Rudra Pratap (Mech Engg, IISC)

Prof Satyam Suwas (Materials Engg, IISC)